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  • Facilities and Primary Activities

Facilities and Primary Activities

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  • Facilities and Primary Activities
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum encompasses a variety of spaces and functions, including the Dome House and the Cubic House (for exhibitions); the Ceramic Creative Center (for artist-in-residence programs); the Clay Academy (for hands-on experience with making ceramics); and Art-Kitchen (for hands-on experience creating mini-tile mosaics). Among its other facilities, the museum is distinguished by its representative landmark structure known as Clayarch Tower. Occupying a total area of nearly 11,814.39 square meters, the museum contains a range of spaces and facilities for visitor amenities and programs like exhibitions, educational classes, conferences, and cultural events.
  • Among its prominent features, the museum’s architecture is distinguished by the Fired Painting, a work composed of 5,000 ceramic tiles that covers the exterior of the Dome House. Through this feature, the first piece in the museum’s collection, the Dome House in and of itself exemplifies the convergence of ceramics, architecture, and painting. The glass dome in the Central Hall underscores the museum’s spirit as an open space for communication. Stone slabs once used in an ancient Chinese palace form a bridge between the museum entrance and its walkways, creating a striking harmony between the rounded Dome House and the hexahedral Cubic House.
  • Following the opening of the Dome House on March 24, 2006, Cubic House opened on March 24, 2012. It houses three exhibition halls, a children’s studio workshop, the Terra-studio, and an auditorium. It also features a waterfront courtyard and large picture windows commanding a panoramic view of the museum grounds. Cubic House is the site of exhibitions in various genres, educational programs for children and adults, conferences, lectures, and cultural events.