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Facilities and Primary Activities

  • Dome House - Exhibitions
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum introduces diversity in art and content, showing all possibilities in clay and architecture. The works of international selected ceramists, young ceramists and various experts in architecture, painting, sculpture, photograph, video-art will continue to be shown at Clayarch Gimhae Museum. Furthermore, the museum hopes to work to combine art with different industries. The museum organizes special and regular exhibitions. Visitors can enjoy the high quality of exhibitions held at the museum in addition to attending lectures and seminars offered with exhibitions.
  • Dome House
  • As the primary facility of Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Dome House is where the main exhibitions are held in each half of the year. The architectural meaning of the name “Dome House” evokes the circular structure of the building and the rounded ceiling of its glass rotunda. Having one underground level and two aboveground levels, the building contains Galleries 1 and 2 on the first and second floors of the structure’s circular component, along with a children’s art ‘playground’, media room, library, and storage areas. The first floor notably includes the “ki;um,” an art-oriented play space for children which opened on February 28, 2015. Although it is a rather small space of just over 115 square meters, the ki;um (a compound word derived from “kid” and “museum”) serves as a dynamic art-based play area, where the entire space is dynamically altered with every exhibition.
  • Overview of the facilities
  • Overview of the facilities
    Areas 3,834.69㎡
    Contents Basement: Storehouse, Switchboard, Gas Fixture
    - 1st Fl.: Information Desk, Central Hall, Gallery 1, Media Room, Library, An art playground 'ki;um', Toilet 1, 2
    - 2nd Fl.: Gallery 2, Afternote Desk