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Facilities and Primary Activities

Cubic House
  • Cubic House - Exhibitions·Education
  • The Cubic House houses three exhibition halls for permanent, special, and planned shows, and the kid’s studio and library, and Terra-studio for educational programs. The title ‘cubic house’ recalls a modern architectural image composed of straight lines and quadrangles, referring to a hexahedron. The audiovisual room with 110 seats for academic events, seminars, and film presentations, an observatory window commanding a panoramic view of the museum, and other convenient facilities such as a cafeteria and central park waterside space are housed in the Cubic House.
  • Overview of the facilities
  • Overview of the facilities
    Areas About 2,948㎡
    Contents - 1st Fl.: Kids Studio, Kids Library, Gallery 4, 5, 6, Customer Lounge & Shop
    - 2nd Fl.: Terra Studio, Audiovisual Room


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