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  • Facilities and Primary Activities

Facilities and Primary Activities

Artist-in Residency
  • Ceramic Creative Center (C.C.C.) - Artist-in-Residency
  • Ceramic Creative Center is a space where artists of different nationalities, working in various genres, can gather together, experience new ideas and techniques, and engage in creative and experimental artwork. As artists in residence actively network with one another and create a harmonious convergence between their disparate genres, the program helps to visualize a sustainable future and enact a creative revolution in the fields of architectural ceramics or ceramics.
  • The programs of the Ceramic Creative Center (C.C.C.) run in conjunction with projects planned by Clayarch Gimhae Museum. These include exhibitions as well as academic, educational, international exchange, and architectural ceramics projects. Programs like the open studio, artist research seminars, experiential education programs, and architectural ceramics projects allow artists, planners, critics, and visitors to all freely share and exchange ideas about culture, the environment, and architectural ceramics. In this way, C.C.C. is making its way forward as a forum for communication.
  • Equipped with a range of facilities including a woodwork/metalwork space, plaster studio, kiln room, and glazing, clay-making, and materials areas, C.C.C. enables diverse experimentation, research, and art construction. Notably, to enable on-site creation of large-scale pieces over two meters high, the kiln room is equipped with two gas kilns (2 and 4 cubic meters) and three different electric kilns. The second floor facilities include a cafeteria, kitchen, and studios. The third floor has guest rooms in which artists stay, a multi-purpose space for seminars and presentations, and a lounge.
  • Overview of the facilities
  • Overview of the facilities
    Areas About 2,200㎡
    Contents Basement: Material Store, Equipments
    1stFl.: Studio 1, Kiln Room, Laboratory, Material Room, Toilet
    2nd Fl.: Modeling Workshop 1, 2, Restaurant, Toilet
    3rd Fl.: Guest Room 1~13, Meeting Room, Laundry Room


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