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Facilities and Primary Activities

Promenade and Picnic Park
  • Promenade and Picnic Park
  • The museum is built on beautiful natural grounds. Therefore taking promenades and having picnics around the museum is ideal. There are many different types of tress and flowers for visitors to enjoy - pachysandra terminalis, rododendron obtusum, abelia grandiflora, photinia glabra, zelkova serrata makino, daffodils, Japanese apricot tree, wild cherry tree, maple, Japanese privet, bridal wreath and apricot. The Promenade and Picnic Park is surrounded by vibrant colors that display the characteristics of the distinct four seasons in Korea. The Promenade leads visitors from the Exhibition Hall to the Clay Academy and the Artist-in-Residency space. It also links to the Clayarch tower.


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