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  • Facilities and Primary Activities

Facilities and Primary Activities

Clay Academy
  • Clay Academy
  • As a hands-on experience space intended to familiarize the public with architecture, ceramics, and the material of clay, the Clay Academy offers a one-day ceramics experience program. Along with exhibitions, the ceramics experience is a fun and educational activity that the whole family can enjoy together. The Clay Academy is positioning the museum as an ideal cultural space that enriches people’s lives through leisure activities.
  • This one-story building is divided into a studio and a kiln room. At the entrance of the studio are the information office and a hands-on classroom that can accommodate up to 80 people at once. Additional functional facilities include a changing room, showers, and lockers. The annex provides materials storage, a glazing room, and a kiln room.
  • Overview of the facilities
  • Overview of the facilities
    Areas About 450㎡
    Contents Main Hall: Information Office, Studio 2, Shower Room, Toilet
    Annex Hall: Kiln Room, Glazing Room, Tool Room